Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Try to see it my I have to keep on talkin' till I can't go on?

"Buy the sky, and sell the sky, and lift your arms up to the sky, and ask the sky and ask the sky." REM

Things I never have to wear again. Go me!

I do not miss conference rooms, call reports, sales meetings, annual new business sales budgets.

I do not miss pantyhose, heels, suits, or drycleaners.

I do not miss hotel rooms, 6 hours in the car in a blizzard, or sales seminars...even the ones that came with a free trip to the spa.

I do not miss Dale Carnegie training, one-on-ones, annual reviews, or cost per points.

I especially do not miss cost per points.

I do not miss going to the salon, shopping, leads groups, networking, or doing lunch.

Praise God and pass the potato chips! I work in my pj's. I work for myself. I work using my back, yes, but I still use my brain. I use my creativity on my terms, as I see fit. I do not use my creativity to convince someone to buy air.

I am free to be me, just as I am. I do not mirror. I do not sell the sky. I just am.

ps...anyone in the market for a few really nice suits??

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