Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beware of Darkness

Isn't it a pity
Now, isn't it a shame
How we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain
How we take each other's love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back
Isn't it a pity

Some things take so long
But how do I explain
When not too many people
Can see we're all the same
And because of all their tears
Their eyes can't hope to see
The beauty that surrounds them
Isn't it a pity

--George Harrison

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All The Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Grey...

Grey and rainy October favorite kind. Roasting coffee in the chilly morning air, dreaming of new designs to stitch up into reality. Not a bad life.

Looking at farms waaaay up north has been exciting, enlightening, and scary. Could I leave my family, and go that far away? Could I leave my grown kids? Could I leave my sisters?

But would I love it? Have I become so old that my life long dream of going somewhere beautiful and peaceful has become unreasonable in the actual doing of the thing? Should I have acted sooner?

Or is this just the extension of decision making based on fear? Where is my sense of adventure? Where is my independent free spirit? Oh, where is my hairbrush?*

In the long run, I guess I have become content without knowing it. Who'da thunk it?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Try to see it my I have to keep on talkin' till I can't go on?

"Buy the sky, and sell the sky, and lift your arms up to the sky, and ask the sky and ask the sky." REM

Things I never have to wear again. Go me!

I do not miss conference rooms, call reports, sales meetings, annual new business sales budgets.

I do not miss pantyhose, heels, suits, or drycleaners.

I do not miss hotel rooms, 6 hours in the car in a blizzard, or sales seminars...even the ones that came with a free trip to the spa.

I do not miss Dale Carnegie training, one-on-ones, annual reviews, or cost per points.

I especially do not miss cost per points.

I do not miss going to the salon, shopping, leads groups, networking, or doing lunch.

Praise God and pass the potato chips! I work in my pj's. I work for myself. I work using my back, yes, but I still use my brain. I use my creativity on my terms, as I see fit. I do not use my creativity to convince someone to buy air.

I am free to be me, just as I am. I do not mirror. I do not sell the sky. I just am.

ps...anyone in the market for a few really nice suits??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shine on, You Crazy Diamond....

"Come on you target for faraway laughter,
come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!" Pink Floyd

Everything is attitude...perception is reality. If I believe I am serene, that becomes my reality, and everything that I see, experience, do filters through that serenity. How I see myself and those around me is effected by my perceptions.

The only thing you can change in this world is your attitude and your credit score.

It's alot easier to change your attitude. A lot quicker.

Therefore, today I believe that I am happy, at peace, and all those that I love are happy as well. Right where they are supposed to be. So am I.

Even if I kinda wish I was still in NW Ontario in the cabin where I took this picture..........

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You beterr hurry 'cause it's goin' fast...

Life is like a wild blueberry bush...ya never know where you are gonna find one.

Life imitates art, artists imitate each other.
Especially cubists. Or rabid Beatles fans. Give peas a chance!

Life is what happens while you are busy tryin' to raise the bills and pay the kids. Or something like that.

Life is a journey, one usually travelled by Bumper Car...and I seem to have gotten the one with the ineffective steering wheel.

Raising a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder is not a political thing. Lobbying is not a parenting skill. Political action meetings will not bring rest, order, and sanity to your home...if it puts your mind at ease, perhaps your mind is on the wrong stuff.

I have learned that I know nothing, really. And neither does anyone else. If they say they do, run. Run away. Especially if it is me doing the saying.

I hate equipment. In a very real and legally binding way. I hate not knowing how things work, because then when they cease to work, I have no idea how to make the working start again. Like computers. And coffee roasters. Ya know, the important stuff.